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  • Cara Curved Insert

    With the same great heating ability as our current Cara Insert stove, Stanley have brought you the perfect solution for people who have oval fireplaces. New! The Cara Insert OSA (Outside Air) is now available. Please note when ordering, this is a new product and not a kit and needs to be ordered as such. Note: Picture is for illustrative purposes. Handle should be removed when stove is lighting. Clearance to combustibles should be adhered to when installing the Cara Insert stove
    • Unpacked Dimensions
    • Height
    • Width
    • Depth
    • Weight
    • Flue Requirement
    • Efficiency
    • MSF
    • Airwash
    • Fuel
    • Multi Fuel
    • Flue
    • Top
    • Position
    • Inset
    • Finish
    • Black
    • Majolica Brown
    • Matt
    • Function
    • Room Heater
  • Key Features

    Is suitable for installation into Lombard curved fireplaces with the addition of the cast iron filler piece

    Net efficiency 78.4% efficient – three times more efficient than an open fire

    Max 6.5kW output to the room

    Top flue outlet only

    Easily connected to a standard 125mm diameter chimney

    Large viewing glass

    Secondary air provides cleaner combustion

    Window wash air to maintain a clean glass

    Raised grate for optimum fuel burn

    Large ashpan

    High quality, cast iron build

    Suitable for all types of approved solid fuel

    Modern, yet classic design

    A Energy Rating

    Tested & approved to European standard – EN 13240

    5 year warranty on Stanley solid fuel stoves.

    Cleanance to combustible material needs to be adhered to when installing the Cara Insert. Please refer to manual.

    Filler Piece

    Curved Filler piece available in matt black only.

    External Air Version

    The Cara Insert OSA (Outside Air) is now available. Please note when ordering, this is a new product and not a kit and needs to be ordered as such. 

    Multi Fuel Stove

    Burns anthracite, coal, smokeless fuel, seasoned peat briquettes and dried wood  – Do not use high moisture content fuels as they will affect performance & damage the unit. Our grates are made from high chromium which are able to withstand higher temperatures from smokeless coal

    Energy Labels

    From the 1st January 2018 all solid fuel and wood burning room only and room and central heating freestanding and insert stoves must be sold with a printed label which shows their heat output and energy efficiency index. Note outputs listed on energy labels for our Stanley stoves are nominal values whereas as Stanley stoves outputs shown on our website, brochures and point of sale are max outputs.

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  • Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.

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