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    Take Control Of Your Home Heating With A Stanley Solid Fuel Stove

    Three times more efficient than a traditional open fireplace, a Stanley Stove is the affordable and stylish way to reduce your home heating costs. With class leading fuel efficiencies of up to 80%, a Stanley Stove simply produces more heat from less fuel helping you stretch your fuel budget further. You’ll love the freedom and control that a Stanley Stove provides. Packed with features for finger-tip control of your heating, a Stanley Stove is the flexible way to heat your home using a wide range of solid fuels including wood, coal and briquettes. Say hello to more control and good-bye to high home heating bills forever.

    Selecting The Right Stanley Stove For You

    Room Heating Versus Central Heating Stove

    Choosing a stove is one of the most important decisions you will make. Open fires are wasteful of energy with more than 70% of the energy going up the chimney. Replacing an open fire with a stove will improve the home BER energy rating on average by 8-10% per annum, resulting in lower heating costs.

    The first question when considering reducing your energy bills and reliance on other fuels is:

    “Do I need to heat just a single room space using a room heating stove or multiple rooms using a central heating stove?”

    Stanley has many models to suit your needs from room heating models that provide heat from 6.4kW up to 14.7kW for the Erin to room and central heating stoves that start at 3 radiators and go all the way up to 12 radiators.  Room and Central heating stoves also provide heat to the room they are lighting in starting from 2kW up to 6kW of heat.

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    Choose Your Perfect Solid Fuel Stove
  • Room Heating Three times more efficient than a traditional open fireplace.

  • Room Heating & Central Heating Choose a stove for all your room, water and central heating needs.

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