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  • September with its shorter days and colder weather makes it a little more difficult to make gardening a priority.


    Now is a great time to plant your spring flowering bulbs, to make sure you have a bright, beautiful garden come 2016.

    1. This is a great time to plant new perennials, particularly around the end of September, which will then plant and grow leaving your garden looking full and blooming!
    2. Keep deadheading your whole garden, from hanging baskets right through to any tired looking alpine/perennial plants.
    3. Bring in any of the more tender perennials, such as fuschias to keep them well away from any frost that might occur.
    4. Start buying spring flowering bedding plants or spring flowering bulbs now to make sure that you get the best out of your garden in Spring.
    5. If any of your trees or shrubs need to be moved or replanted, now is a great time to relocate them, giving them the best possible chance of doing well come springtime.
    6. September can be a very busy time for any of you who have grown fruit or vegetables. Try some methods of preserving, such as pickling or jam making, to ensure you have lots of good food all winter long.
    7. Try to clear any dead leaves as soon as they fall, particularly any that fall near your flowers. Any fallen leaves can start and develop rot in your garden. Instead, throw it all in your compost heap, so that it can be broken down further and used later
    8. If you’re looking to improve your lawn, apply an autumnal lawn feed that contains potassium to keep your grass strong over the winter months.
    9. Add some colour to your garden throughout the autumn with some heather, cyclamen and crysanthemums.
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