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  • RV 110

    Ventilated Pellet Stove
  • 2,8 – 10 kW
    Up to: 240 m3
    145 Kg
    PELLET: 22 Kg
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    • Heat input power (kW)
      9 - 11,5
    • Size B x H x P (mm)
      551 - 1141 - 572
    • Pellet fuel consumption per hour min/max (Kg/h)
      0,6 - 2,4
    • Efficiency (%)
      91 - 87,5
    • Flue exit pipe (Ø mm)
    • Tank capacity (Kg)
    • Burn time min/max (h)
      9 - 37
    • Installed power (W)
    • Net weight (Kg)
  • Features

    • Standard RDS system
    • Majolica tiling
    • Steel baffle and cast iron burn-pot
    • Cast iron grate
    • Combustion chamber in FIREX 600
    • Glass-ceramic door with border, heat resistant up to 750°C
    • Function controls with graphic display and remote control
    • Timer thermostat as standard
    • Centrifugal fan heating
    • Glass cleaning system
  • Technology

    • Ash Tray – A functional and easily accessible ash pan collects all the burned out ash.
    • Glass Cleaning System – An additional air duct creates an air passage between the flame and the ceramic glass, ensuring cleaning for several hours.
    • Timer – A timer-thermostat lets you program in four ignition times and four finish times so that you can make optimal daily and weekly use of the stove.
    • Firex 600/700 – All products have the special combustion chamber made with Firex 600/700, a material based on vermiculite, results of the research and development conducted by Ravelli.
    • Inox – The stainless steel heat exchanger increases fire resistance, the life of the stoves and avoids the classic wear problems.
    • Cast Majolica Body – The attractively shaped stove body is in colourful majolica for a high prestige finish and excellent heat diffusion.
    • RDS – RDS is Ravelli’s innovative system for automatically regulating combustion parameters and ensuring maximum efficiency and safety from your stove.
    • Remote Control – A practical and convenient remote control allows you to adjust temperature and power as required.
  • Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.