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    Spring has finally sprung and the ground is waking up after it’s Winter sleep. Now is the time to prepare your garden and plant and plan for the seasons ahead. Not sure where to start? Here are GroMór’s Top 10 jobs for April so grab those hoes and garden gloves. These jobs are good for the body, mind and soul – so get growing! 

    1. Do two jobs at once! Keep weeds under control on paths and drives with a hoe (and work on those abs). Alternatively tackle them with a specially formulated weed killer. If you are not sure what product to choose, why not ask an expert at a GroMór centre, we are happy to help!
    2. Is moss causing mayhem on your drive or patio? Why not use an anti-moss treatment – once applied it should last for several years. You will be glad you crossed it off your to do list!
    3. Feed your hungry shrubs with tree and shrub fertiliser or organic chicken manure. This will to help them grow and flower well, adding beautiful colour to your garden.
    4. Hosta’s and herbaceous plants are just starting to peep through the soil, so make sure to protect them from hungry slugs and snails. There are lots of products available in any GroMór Want an insider tip? Set beer traps and send them off happy!
    5. Feed roses now to ensure a colourful display in summer. Tie in climbing or rambling roses with super soft ties. What a beautiful BBQ backdrop they will make!
    6. Why not plant a tree? There’s one to suit every sized garden – check out our how to video with our GroMór ambassador Ciaran Burke.
    7. Hedges and shrubs can be planted now – they are the backdrop to your summer colour. Get some planting tips from our experts
    8. Handy tip: When daffodils have finished flowering just nip off the remaining flower heads and leave the leaves to build up the bulb for next year’s flower display. They will be nourished by nature! You can also apply feed now to help them on their way.
    9. Sow new lawns and feed existing ones with an application of a good feed and weed. It’s easier than you think to achieve a luscious lawn.
    10. Plant carrots, onions, beets and other salad crops for your delicious kitchen garden. Nothing beats a home-grown feast!
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